Windows 12 Release Rumored for 2024: Insider Sources Share Insights


According to sources close to Windows Central, Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 12, is rumored to be released within the next two years. In the meantime, Microsoft is gearing up to intensify its updates for Windows 11. This article explores the potential release of New Windows 2024 and the updated update strategy from Microsoft.

Windows 12 Expected to Arrive in 2024:

Recent reports from Windows Central indicate that Microsoft is planning to release Windows 12 in 2024, following its three-year update cycle for operating systems. The company aims to provide users with a new version of their operating system every few years, as per the specialized website.

Annual Small Updates and Major Upgrades:

Insider sources suggest that Microsoft is adopting a new update rhythm for Windows. Users can expect smaller, annual updates for Windows 11, known as “Moments,” with up to four updates per year. Additionally, major upgrades, such as Windows 12, will be rolled out every three years, providing users with significant feature enhancements.

"Moments": Regular Feature Updates for Windows 11:

The new annual updates, referred to as “Moments” internally, will allow Windows development teams to deliver more frequent feature updates to users. These smaller updates will enable Microsoft to refine and enhance the Windows 11 experience throughout its lifecycle.

Windows 12 (Next Valley): Code Name and Release Timeline:

With the current update cadence, it is unlikely that Windows 12 (codenamed Next Valley) will be unveiled before 2024. This timeline allows Microsoft to focus on further refining Windows 11 through intensive updates over the next two years.

Fine-Tuning Windows 11: Addressing Stability and Functionality:

While the redesigned Windows 11 interface has received positive feedback, there are still areas that require refinement. Users have reported stability issues, and the native Android app support is in its early stages, leaving room for improvement. The Widgets menu has also faced criticism for its limited usefulness, and the integration of Teams has garnered mixed user reactions. Microsoft will need to address these concerns as they move forward.


With rumors swirling about the potential release of Windows 12 in 2024, Microsoft aims to provide users with a refined and enhanced operating system experience. The current focus on Windows 11 updates demonstrates the company’s commitment to addressing stability, functionality, and user feedback. The future holds exciting possibilities for Windows users, and Microsoft’s dedicated update strategy will shape the path ahead.

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